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Josephine Diane Brown

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Artist's Statement: 

I’d like nothing more than for every piece I create to shift its environment, and be shifted by it. I want my art to move in a breeze, catch or reflect the light, and hold an aroma. Every piece should entice touch. If it doesn’t draw the hand toward it, it’s achieved nothing.I want to create enigmatic pieces that mystify and inspire in equal measure.

The potential of a grey sky can easily be overlooked, especially in a place like Los Angeles – obsessed with literal and figurative blue skies. The potential of a white wall, an empty room, an empty wallet, a blank canvas, alone time, sticks, loose threads and half read books can build such anticipation.

The Grey Skies is about the wonderment of what might be, about shapes and looking out the window; dreaming and thinking. It’s melancholic and hopeful, it’s the promise of rainfall or sunshine. It’s an in-between space where things are poised ready to go. It’s that flickering moment where things begin to transform.

Nothing controls a grey sky, it’s dramatic, dark, foreboding, soothing and breaking whenever it needs to be.

Limitless. Fleeting. Beautiful.

Submission 1.jpeg

Whiteness, 2021, Natural Wool, Wood, 22.75 x 54

For direct sale from the artist


Submission 2.jpeg

Experiment 2, 2020, cotton, wool, wood, 16x22”

For direct sale from the artist


Submission 3.jpeg

Equals, 2019 Merino, Cotton, Wood 19x54”

For direct sale from the artist


Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 2.50.41 PM.png

For direct sale, email:

35% of proceeds from sales will be donated to Bridge

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